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Vasectomy Center

Semen Analysis Drop-Off Schedule

Approximately 12 weeks AND 20-30 ejaculations following your vasectomy collect one sample of your semen, after a two (2) day period of no ejaculation.

This can be collected in any container convenient for you and transferred to the specimen cup provided. Make sure the lid is screwed on securely. Please mark the bottle with your name, date of birth, and date/time of collection of the specimen. 

This is a free service we provide to our patients. You will not be charged unless you lose the cup. For drop off times and locations, PLEASE CHECK THE SCHEDULE BELOW.


If you lose the sample cup you may use anything with a lid such as a pill bottle, baby food jar, 35mm film canister, etc. Please do not bring the sample in a condom or baggie as we will be unable to retrieve a specimen adequate to be checked and you will be asked to return with another sample in a container with a lid. The sample should be produced on the day of semen testing. Samples must be produced and received by the clinic no more than four (4) hours from producing the sample. Please obtain the sample prior to coming to the office.

When you bring your sample into the clinic, we will call you with the results after the we have completed the examination of specimen.

If sperm are seen you will be asked to continue other means of birth control and return with a second specimen in 2-8 weeks for re-evaluation.

If you would prefer to avail of a mail-in option, you may do so by calling (425) 394-0773, press 1 to speak with our staff to request the mail-in kit. This would require you to pay upfront a small convenience fee that covers the cost of sample kit and domestic (within THE UNITED STATES) mailer. Please follow the directions included in the kit once you receive it.

We do provide free, once a year, drop-in semen analysis to our patients in the clinic to re-evaluate the continued success of the procedure. This provides our patients with the peace of mind that comes from a vasectomy. Please check the schedule below for available collection times. 


The Vasectomy Center (Swedish Issaquah) location:

  • We will not be accepting drop in samples starting Jan. 1 2024 during our break. We will update once we re-open.
  • IF your procedure was done after Oct 1st 2023, you should have gone home with a mailer. Please pay  postage and mail your sample to us and we will read samples within a week. 
  • IF your procedure was prior to Oct. 1st, 2023, we should have gotten the sample by End of December which 3 months post procedure. You can still get your sample checked by calling or emailing to purchase a mailer for your specimen.

We will be in Swedish Issaquah on the following dates: (Schedule has been affected by recent pandemic,will update monthly)

Our mission is to offer a clean, comfortable and private environment while providing you with the safest means of birth control.

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